Gordon Stille


Simply put, my principal mission is to help parties in conflict clarify and enhance communication in order to help them develop a mutually agreed upon, sustainable resolution to their dispute. I am ADRC certified with experience resolving multiple Partee conflict between Employees, Employers and Employees, as well as Family Estates conflict using facilitative mediation strategies.

A thoughtful, common sense style, supported by a collaborative mindset has helped deliver results that meet stakeholder expectations in private and public sectors environments.

In addition, my leadership has contributed to the growth of entrepreneurs, business managers, customer sales and service teams, trainers, technicians and distribution teams in union and non-union Plumbing, Consumer Packed Goods, Food-service and Healthcare industries.

I have been and continue to volunteer, primarily supporting youth charities and organizations in communities in which we live.

Over 40 years’ experience in union and non-union environments;

  • Executive Level Sales, Marketing and Operations, (Wholesale & Retail with Fortune 500 and privately held companies)​
  • Multi-unit Franchisee
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Management training and coaching
  • Business Development
  • Multi-sector Negotiation
  • Change Management
  • Financial Management, (P&L, Start-up, Fundraising)
  • Serial volunteer, (currently Board Member, Quinte Bay Gymnastics)